Introducing Remote Wave

Remote Wave is how Aakash Shah and Xand Lourenco enable the world to be successful with changing requirements of the workplace. Remote work is the future of work. The habits that enable a fully remote company to be successful are the same habits that let a co-located companies get the most out of their workforce.  There is a wave of change coming to the workplace — a Remote Wave. Aakash and Xand want to enable people to ride the wave to new heights.

Having worked with dozens of remote teams, companies, and freelancers, we’ve noticed a pervasive issue: when it’s time to go from remote-sometimes to remote-first, most teams struggle to graduate from the random, piecemeal tactics that made them want to go more-remote. The result? Failure (or painful fumbling) to create a cohesive culture and environment at work, causing confusion and lost productivity.

And it’s no wonder: from neverending tools and services, to countless technical issues, to figuring out how to onboard remotely, to remote people-ops, the decisions required to go remote are overwhelming. How can a team go remote when there are so many decisions, some of which might cause the entire effort to fail?

We take a systematic approach to helping your company level up from working remote every now and again, to going fully-remote, and anywhere in-between. Whether you’re co-located, hybrid, or fully remote, whether you want to support remote employees or go completely remote, the systemic Remote Wave approach focuses on the most important thing — applying what works to your team and your unique culture.

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